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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RFP?
A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal method agencies use to notify vendors they intend to purchase goods and/or services and invite proposals.
What is the RFP process?
A RFP contains instructions to the vendor on:
  • Specifications: RFP's contain detailed information on the specifications of the product or service the agency is seeking.
  • Proposal Content: The RFP contains specific instructions on how the response (proposal) should be prepared.
  • Timing: Commonly known as the RFP close date, this date allows the agency issuing the RFP to plan their decision making process.
How do I apply for funding?
You can apply to any open and/or active RFP.  First 5 San Benito accepts applications or proposals in response to publicized funding opportunities only.
What is required to apply for funding?
Applicants must meet the criteria identified in the RFP.
What amount of funding can I apply for?
The amount varies per RFP.
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